Adults Don’t Know Everything

Video dissemination for child participants and other children with asthma. Project: Children’s and Family Perspectives on Asthma in Household Contexts.

Adults don’t know everything.
This is a story of what we learned
from talking to kids about asthma.

Related publications:

Hunleth, Jean and Julie Spray, Sienna Ruiz, Julia Maki, David Fedele, Sreekala Prabhakaran, Rachel Forsyth, et al. 2020. ‘Situating Household Management of Children’s Asthma in the Context of Social, Economic, and Environmental Injustice’. Journal of Asthma.

Spray, Julie, Chelsey Carter, Erika A. Waters, and Jean Hunleth. 2021. ‘Not Breathing Easy: “Disarticulated Homework” in Asthma Management’. Medical Anthropology Quarterly.

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