The Children in Child Health:
Negotiating Young Lives and Health in New Zealand

– Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies, 2020 –

Not Breathing Easy: A Graphic Narrative

Tasha’s infant daughter Kayleigh was diagnosed with asthma at the E.R., and Tasha was sent home with a nebuliser “breathing machine” and albuterol. Tasha has continued administering albuterol to Kayleigh ever since, including every morning before Kayleigh gets up for school.

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Towards a Child-Centred Public Health: Lessons from Rheumatic Fever Prevention in Aotearoa New Zealand

“Neglecting children’s perspectives has important consequences, not only for children’s wellbeing and experience, but for an intervention’s success. I argue that good child health policy should be predicated on regard for children as whole people: as social actors and participants in public life, whose experiences, understandings, interpretations and practices matter and can mediate the effectiveness of policy interventions.”

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